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Adult Swim (ft. Original God & Yung Bitch) Prod. The Wild Dutchman



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[Verse 1: Kamiyada]
Watching adult swim face of a zombie/
Toonami is on and I'm high/
It's after 12 I just rolled me a couple a woods/
And a [bad word] is totally fried/
Multiple colors transmit through my pupils/
Reflecting the rays from the screen through my eyes/
Me and my lady, I'm trippin it's crazy/
These pills got me tweaking I don't wanna die/
Ghost, float, astral project out the room/
Puffing these clouds and inhaling the fumes/
Making my way through the streets of my city/
warm summer night it's just me and my crew/
I got the blade if a [bad word] get loose/
 [bad word] with me he do not have a clue/
Bout It I doubt it I just broke his scouter/
I'm over 9000 your power is fluke/

[Chorus: Kamiyada]
That [bad word] run then I chase him/
He wanna spark then I flame him/
 [bad word] my blade looking stainless/
Promise your death will be painless/
You so comedic you shameless/
I rock doc marten no Asics/
Add in a before Asic/
Cause all of you niggas is basic/

[Verse 2: Original God]

 [bad word] all of you basic like this girl I met online/
And I met her doing lines, watching some dragonball z kai/
(haha you know that's not true)
Cowboy bebop, waifu giving top, I'm just taking shots/
You just taking L's, ghost in the shell/
Feeling like socrates your hoe play on my soccer team/
Possibly might just steal your waifu I'm on toonami/
Pint of lean for my team, I'm on toonami/
Japanese mami, I'm on toonami/

[Verse 3: Yung [bad word] 

I'm at the top and you hate it your [bad word] is fellatin'/
My pistol beside me do you wanna face it/
Got crack in my pocket do you wanna base it/
I buried da burner ain't catchin' no cases/

Still got a strap on my hip
Still gotta package to flip/ (DAB)
Who said i ain't comin' up/
Slide me da addy real quick/

Runnin' in houses i still do/
Talk alotta [bad word] let's meet foo/
Bet a ninja like you want beef foo/
Ima chop up da beef and den eat you/
Watch a ego shrimp out like seafood/
Mask up clean slate like shampoo/
Lil [bad word] wanna know why da bank so stacked/
But he don't wanna do what me do/

*Fixed by [bad word] D3zz3nd*
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А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Adult Swim (ft. Original God & Yung Bitch) Prod. The Wild Dutchman" ?
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